Introducing Brain Initiative

Technology has helped many people improve their physical fitness. Wearables and fitness apps have us recording runs, tracking steps and counting calories. As tech paves the way for physical fitness, it is time to consider tech’s impact on brain health and cognitive expansion.

How can tech help brain health?

We are proud to introduce Brain Initiative powered by Team Sherzai. Brain Initiative is a customizable brain health program for both individuals and organizations. With the help of technology and credible, neurological research, users are empowered to improve their brain health by making better lifestyle choices and enhancing their cognitive capacity.

Brain Initiative consists of NEURO Academy and The NEURO PLAN App. NEURO Academy is a two-month online course geared towards caregivers, wellness enthusiasts and leaders. The NEURO PLAN App is a mobile and web-based app designed to give you personalized tools to maximize your brain health. Together they provide people with a custom path to a healthier, more resilient, and a more powerful brain while offering resources to help along the journey.

Brain health and personal lifestyle factors are crucial to success in the workplace. People with healthy brains tend to be happier and more productive. With technology being a central aspect of both our personal lives and careers, it can often be overlooked as a useful tool to keep our brains healthy and active. At Brain Initiative, we believe everyone’s brain can benefit from a more comprehensive, yet personalized approach. We understand the role technology can have in helping us make the appropriate adjustments to achieve optimal mind and body efficiency.

It has been said how you think is how you feel. Brain Initiative provides customized steps toward a healthier brain and a happier life with NEURO, 5 contributing factors to a healthy brain. N: nutrition plays an important role in brain health. Adopting a balanced plant-based diet leads to maximum mental proficiency. E: exercising daily and regular activity keeps your body fit and mind sharp. U: unwinding is essential to overall health. Develop comprehensive ways to alleviate unhealthy stress and begin the search for your own personal bliss. R: restorative sleep is vital to brain health; research shows that going through the four stages of sleep several times per night allows us to cleanse our brains of unhealthy chemicals while organizing our thoughts and memories. O: optimize your cognitive capacity with provided activities aligned to your personal purpose, challenging your brain in ways it never has before.

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, two key members of Team Sherzai, are a unique husband and wife duo. As neuroscientists, and as individuals, they are passionate about brain health. They are driven to enhance the most important organ for everyone with the use of effective tools, methodologies and communities. Through the Brain Initiative platform, they are able to share their personalized approach to put you in the driver’s seat to a healthy brain and more fulfilling life.

The NEURO approach to brain health streamlines and customizes practical tips and tools for you. These simple actionable suggestions can be easily applied to your day to day life. Living by these principals helps us avoid cognitive diseases while expanding our cognitive capacity. Our Brain Initiative empowers you to make educated health goals while providing you with the tools needed to achieve them.

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