The Good Life (with Marc Shulz, PhD)

In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Marc Schulz, PhD, Associate Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. The Harvard Study of Adult Development is the longest scientific study of happiness ever conducted. Radical for its time in 1938, the first-of-its-kind Study is now in its 84th year, going strong with an 84% retention rate.

In his new book THE GOOD LIFE, co-authored by Dr. Robert Waldinger, Dr. Schulz explores the findings of the study so far, and shares how we can proactively create happiness by focusing on what keeps us healthy rather than what makes us sick. By coupling Harvard case studies with the latest psychological research, Dr. Schulz illuminates:

  • The most common misconceptions about happiness
  • What social fitness is and how to exercise it
  • How to understand the influence of our childhood on our adult relationships
  • What we’re likely getting wrong about achievement
  • Steps we can take if we want to live a good life

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