Resources for Brain Healthy Living

Our Bestselling Books

Our bestselling books are based on decades spent studying the impact of nutrition on our patients. Both are based on our science-based NEURO framework and offer a nutrition program proven to prevent and reverse signs of cognitive decline at every age. 

The Brain Health Revolution

Together, we can positively affect the most important organ in the body for billions of people with effective tools and methodologies.

Our personalized, comprehensive programs for brain healthy living are programs that people can follow for the rest of their lives.

Our Blog

Articles on the latest brain-health research, brain-healthy recipes, and videos to help you life an unforgettable, vibrant life.

NEURO Plan App

The NEURO plan app is the most sophisticated app ever developed for brain optimization taking into account a personalized motional lifestyle aspect along with a cognitive assessment tool that actively determines your weaknesses and strengths and builds around those capacities.  

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