Brain-Healthy Recipes

A collection of brain-boosting recipes full of ingredients and foods that will strengthen your long-term cognitive health. Fast, easy, nutritious, and plant-based. Created by Doctor Ayesha Sherzai with optimal brain health in mind.

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A delicious dark chocolate treat! Chock full of hazelnuts, dates, and cocoa powder. Sweet, festive, and brain-healthy.

A tasty, nutritious dip to serve with a spread of brain-healthy sides during colder months. A holiday party treat, and totally plant-based.

A delicious plant-based mushroom gravy recipe that’s ideal for the colder months, particularly the holiday season. Made with brain-healthy ingredients.

A hearty holiday-ready cauli-mash recipe that’s good for the brain and great for sharing. Plant-based, vegan, and rich in nutrients.

Full of flavor and texture, this stuffing recipe is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. Plant-based, vegan, and full of brain-healthy nutrients.

These nutritious Brussels sprouts can be cooked many delicious ways, and are a must-have for your Christmas dinners. Plant-based, vegan, and brain-healthy.

Start your morning with these protein- and fiber-packed shredded tofu and sweet potato English muffin sandwiches with a spicy chipotle cashew sauce.

A tasty brain-healthy salad which includes pickled carrots and daikon radish, deliciously sweet dates, and almond dressing.

Strawberries and chia seeds are incredible for brain health. One of our favorite ways to consume both is in our Strawberry Rosa Chia Pudding.

A delicious brain-healthy Tempeh Green Curry infused with herbs, spices, and a creamy cashew milk. Protein-rich, packed with vitamin B12, and great for gut health.