Unraveling the Apo-E4 gene and Alzheimer’s puzzle

This episode of the Brain Health Revolution Podcast is part of a live recording for our NEURO Academy community, and the topic of the discussion is: the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease — in particular, a deep dive into the Apolipoprotein E4 (Apo-E4) gene, which is the most influential genetic risk factor associated with late onset Alzheimer’s disease.

We describe the evolutionary aspects of apolipoproteins, how they are produced, how the different isoforms of apoe influence the different factors leading to Alzheimer’s, how it effects lipid metabolism and immune functions in the brain, and what is the latest evidence on the epigenetic of Apo-E4.

Typically, members of the NEURO Academy community post their questions ahead of time, and we structure the conversation in a way to address their questions, and also answer their questions during the recording.

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We also wrote about the Apo-E4 gene — made famous in 2023 after actor Chris Hemsworth discovered he carried the gene — on The Brain Docs blog →

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