Sexual Health An Early Predictor of Brain Health in Men (with Dr. Aaron Spitz)

In this episode, join us as we speak with Dr. Aaron Spitz, a renowned urologist, author, and one of the featured stars of the remarkable documentary The Game Changers.

Dr. Spitz is a national leader in health policy for urologists across the nation and has done some of the most groundbreaking work in the field of urology. He earned his medical degree from Cornell Medical College, completed his Urology residency at the University of Southern California, and then obtained fellowship training in infertility at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Aaron Spitz served as an assistant clinical professor in the U.C. Irvine department of Urology, specializing in male reproductive medicine and surgery. He directs the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Orange County Urology in Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo, California.

He is the author of The Penis Book: A Doctor’s Complete Guide to the Penis, from size to function and everything in between. He is has authored multiple book chapters and articles in peer reviewed publications and is actively engaged in clinical trials and research in the area of andrology, male sexual dysfunction, and male infertility.

Dr. Spitz has done some of the most groundbreaking work in the field of Erectile dysfunction by demonstrating the influence of lifestyle on erectile dysfunction, as well as how it may be an early marker for cardiovascular diseases.

He is also a frequent guest and part-time co-host on the popular CBS talk show, The Doctors.

If you are a man or have a man in your life, it is imperative to listen to this conversation as it may save their life.

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