The Epidemic of Sleep Disorders and Their Effect on Brain Health (with Dr. Noah Siegel)

This episode is dedicated to sleep and sleep disorders and how they affect brain health. We now know that a good night’s restorative sleep is crucial for proper functioning of the brain, whether it’s cognition, concentration, productivity, or peak performance.

Unfortunately, until recently, it was not deemed important and brushed aside. But thanks to recent advances in the field, we have realized the tremendous importance of sleep for brain health and health in general.

To discuss this, our guest in this episode is an incredibly experienced sleep specialist, Dr. Noah Siegel. He is the Director of Sleep Medicine and Surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston.

He’s Board Certified in both Sleep Medicine and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and is a clinical faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is the Medical Director of Otolaryngology for Massachusetts Eye and Ear’s Longwood facility in Boston and is clinical faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Siegel serves as the medical director for several sleep laboratories in the Boston area. In addition, Dr. Siegel is part of the faculty at Tufts Dental School in the division of Craniofacial Pain, TMD, and Sleep.

His approach is very unique as he doesn’t focus on disease only, and recognizes the tremendous role of lifestyle and prevention in treating one of the biggest health issues in western countries: sleep disorders.

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