A Transformative Leader Revolutionizing Healthcare (with Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President)

In this episode, we sit down with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, a dynamic leader and a luminary who is changing healthcare as we know it.

He previously served three terms in the New York State Senate and 22 years in the New York City Police Department. In 2016, after a series of painful symptoms and visual problems, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

He soon learned about the profound effect of food on his health and adopted a whole food, plant-based diet and successfully reversed his diabetes. Since then, he has been a vocal proponent of a plant-based diet and has encouraged all Brooklynites to eat healthier.

He has launched multiple initiatives to provide resources to the community regarding healthy nutrition, and also hosts various events at the Brooklyn Borough Hall to educate citizens on different health topics.

He prompted the City Council to pass a resolution called “Ban the Baloney,” which aims for schools across the city to stop serving processed meats to school kids, based on a 2015 World Health Organization report that labeled these products as Group 1 carcinogens, increasing the risk of diabetes, multiple cancers, and respiratory illnesses.

He has also been an avid supporter of “Meatless Mondays” in public schools. He’s dedicating much of his efforts to empowering the community with new models of health.

Our entire life has been focused on evidence-based research and translating it to the population, which we believe is the missing link — the translation of preventive medicine to populations in modern medicine. And that is what inspires us so much about Eric’s work, who is making Brooklyn a role model city for other cities in the US. Learn more about his initiative →

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