Migraine Mindset: the science, symptoms, and solutions of headaches (with Dr. Chelsea Stone, DO)

This episode of The Brain Health Revolution Podcast is a deep dive into the topic of headaches with our colleague, an expert in the field of headache medicine, Dr. Chelsea Stone.

We explored the definition, classification, general presentation, diagnosis, and some of the latest treatments available for headaches.

Dr. Stone is a board-certified neurologist with specialty in Headache Medicine. She holds a master’s degree in psychology, completed her neurology residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center, and her fellowship in headache medicine at University of Soutern California, where she now serves as full-time faculty.

Dr. Stone understands the unique challenges of chronic pain and takes a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to patient care, with special interest in treating pregnant and lactating women.

In addition to patient care, Dr. Stone is very passionate about physician well-being and serves as Assistant Program Director of Wellness for the neurology residency program at LA County + USC and as the Well-being Champion for the Keck neurology department.

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