From the Cardiac Cath Lab to the Community (with Dr. Columbus Batiste)

In this episode, we have the honor of having a talented physician and a community leader as our guest, Dr. Columbus Batiste, whose passion for translating his years of work in cardiology to meaningful outcomes in communities is remarkable.

Dr. Batiste is a board-certified Interventional Cardiologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California Riverside School of Medicine. Since 2008, Dr. Batiste has served as Chief of Cardiology and is the founder of Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Program (based at Kaiser Permanente), where he advocates a lifestyle plan to prevent cardiac event for his patients, by helping them modify their lifestyle.

Over the years, Dr. Batiste has been recognized for his work in the community by multiple organizations. His ability to bring attention to healthcare disparities in the African American communities and beyond has been cited in many national forums. He is a bright light that will bring change to healthcare, one person and one family at a time.

Visit his website to learn more about his non-profit organization called the Healthy Heart Nation, and about his project, Slave Food, a ground breaking project, where he provides information and insight regarding why much of the food consumed today is practically killing members of low-income communities, particularly communities of color.

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