Plant-Based Life As a Family: The Life, The Love, and The Science

In this episode, we are excited to share our conversation with our kids, Alex and Sophia Sherzai, also known as The Science Kids, about living a plant based life, its challenges, its benefits, the science behind it, and how they think this is more than just healthy living. It’s something that could determine the fate of this beautiful planet.

We bring our kids into this conversation because it felt right to have them speak for themselves and share their voice. We don’t believe in keeping it in an article or a book and would like to make the lifestyle and the science behind it easily accessible for every family and community.

You will hear us talk about why went plant-based and then transitioned from being a lacto-ovo vegetarian towards a whole-food, plant based diet, how the kids manage their social life being plant-based, what are some of the challenges we face as a family for being vegans, what are some of our kids’ favorite snacks and meals, what supplements we use, some dad jokes, and other fun conversation!

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